The following have registered (or have been invited) to attend the meeting.

First Name Last Name Institution City
Alexander Adamou London Mathematical Laboratory London
Richard Blythe University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Isabella Cingolani Politecnico di Milano & Queen Mary University of London Milano & London
Colm Connaughton University of Warwick Coventry
Andrew Curtis University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Silvio Dahmen UFRGS Porto Alegre
Robin de Regt Coventry University Coventry
Tajhame Francis University of Warwick Coventry
Stefan Grosskinsky University of Warwick Coventry
Rosemary Harris Queen Mary University of London London
Wiard Hinrichs University of Göttingen Göttingen
Yurij Holovatch Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, National Acad. Sci. of Ukraine Lviv
Howard Hotson University of Oxford Oxford
Ralph Kenna AMRC Coventry
Janos Kertesz Budapest University of Technology Budapest
Robert MacKay University of Warwick Coventry
Mauro Mobilia University of Leeds Leeds
Judith Mottram Royal College of Art London
Pietro Panzarasa Queen Mary University of London London
Sandra Prado UFRGS Porto Allegre
Ray Rivers Imperial College London London
Gene Stanley Boston University Boston
Yuri Vershinin Coventry University Coventry
Christian von Ferber AMRC Coventry
Jonathan Ward University of Leeds Leeds
Nicholas Watkins London School of Economics and Political Science London
Martin Weigel AMRC Coventry
Anthony Woolcock Warwick Coventry
Taras Yavors'kii AMRC, Coventry University Coventry
Eiko Yoneki Univeristy of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Cambridge
Joseph Yose Coventry University Coventry
Mesut Yucel Imperial College London London